An easier way to start

Counselling & Arts Therapy for couples and individuals.

Individual therapy, relationship counselling, couples therapy, holistic counselling.

As opposed to sitting in a room and only talking – our sessions start from having a chat whilst looking at pictures, or drawing or choosing a figurine, many say that this can be an easier way to start a conversation. 

You do not need to have any creative talent, most of our clients had not touched a colour pencil since primary school. 

Giving ourselves the time to unpack the stressors of life and being curious about our internal worlds in a creative manner, helps us to make the shifts we need to feel better.

And lets face it, sometimes it is hard to find the words. We offer an easier place to start. 

In a session we may invite you to spend 10 mins scribbling something on to paper, whether it be a drawing or a poem – whatever. Then you’d be surprised where the conversation can go from there. 

Please call or email for a quick chat to see if you feel this approach is right for you or just curious, why not book in a sessions.

Face to face and zoom sessions are available.