Creatively make meaning

Connect with your mind, body and soul, as well as tap into your imagination to gain clarity and strength​ as an individual and or as a couple.

Arts Therapy
& Creative Couples Therapy....

Is about the process and not the end result. 

So, there is no need to have any artistic abilities! 

None what so ever! It is actually better if you do not. 

"The Power of an image is that it embodies the complexity of what we see, feel and think but cannot literally describe inwords" (Tufnell Et Al 2004)


Let your creativity guide you and connect you with your emotions to  make it easier to name and describe how you feel and thus make meaning. 

  • Let your smudge on the page talk

  • Tap into the images in your mind

  • Hear the sounds that depict how you feel and move

  • Choose a figurine which resonates with your emotions 

When I am.....

Deciding on a supervisor or therapist, I want to feel comfortable to be uncensored in my vulnerability and to cry my heart out if I need too. I would want to feel safe to inquire into my inner world and be held with another skillful and compassionate individual.

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