COVID-19 update:

The victorian Government has stated: 

Face to face supports may nOW resume Following the physical distancing and practicing good hygiene practices.  

If you want to learn more about what I can offer, you’re in the right place. 

Creative Couples Therapy

Tune up your relationship in a creative, compassionate and fun manner. Let’s bring in a creative way to inquire into 'us.' Couples Therapy Session Cost: $150 an hour, which includes art materials.

Mandala Arts Therapy

Invest the time into your emotional wellbeing through this creative, reflective and mindful process. Learn to create your own mandala's with a professional Arts Therapist whilst checking in with your own emotions and heal through creating your own mandala's. Session cost individual $90, Also Workshop will be offered- stay tuned.

Individual Arts Therapy & Counselling

Be creative in a therapeutic space and inquire your authentic self. Expressing our own creatively with a supportive therapist is a wonderful way to clear your mind, decode your inner life and find new ways to enhance your mental health and wellbeing. Individual Session Cost: $90, which includes art materials.

Individual Arts Therapy & Counselling

You matter too! Develop your self-esteem and emotional regulation with a compassionate arts therapist and work towards your NDIS goals. Session Cost: NDIS Individual Counselling (Therapeutic support) Line item: 15_043_0128_1_3

f##k it... Let's do therapy differently

Represent our emotions creatively

Connect on a deeper level

Cut through the bullsh#t

Shift out of the emotional gridlock

Invite curiosity and change

Inquire into our wellbeing

Arts Therapy can help you..

Express yourself 98%
Improve self-esteem 86%
Improve your confidence 89%
Connect to your mind-body-emotions 88%

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