day is a Friday

I say f##k it... Let's do therapy differently

Represent our emotions creatively

Connect on a deeper level

Cut through the bullsh#t

Shift out of the emotional gridlock

Invite curiosity and change

Inquire into our wellbeing

Individual Arts Therapy & Counselling 

Expressing our own creativity with a supportive Arts Therapist is a wonderful way to clear your mind, decode your inner life and find new ways to enhance your mental and emotional wellbeing.

A session can consist of making a representation which connects you with your thoughtful brain in order for you to then connect with your emotions or vice versa.

Initial session_ 90 min_ $130
Long Return _ 90 min _ $130
Return _ 60 min_ $95

Creative Couples Therapy 

My couples work is distinctive to other services which provide relationships counselling.

I combine traditional Couples Therapy modalities with an Arts Therapy approaches which is rare. I am passionate about Arts Therapy and how we relate to ourselves and others.

When is the last time you serviced your emotional health and your relationship?

Tune up your relationships in a creative, compassionate and fun manner.

Let’s Bring in a creative way to inquire into ‘us’

90 min _ $170

NDIS friendly

Individual Arts Therapy & Counselling 

Develop your self-esteem and emotional regulation with a compassionate Arts Therapist and work towards your NDIS goals.

So why not your your NDIS funding and get individual Arts Therapy & Counselling.

That is if your plan is self managed or plan managed.

+ if you have funding in the therapeutic support category. 

I charge our sessions under the _ ‘Individual Counselling line item: 15_043_0128_1_3

Please note: My Practice does not have disability access or toilets, due to being an old building. ;(

Arts Therapy can help you..

Express yourself 98%
Improve self-esteem 86%
Improve your confidence 89%
Connect to your mind-body-emotions 88%

Start Today

Upcoming Workshops


Hosted by Naturopath Candace & myself.

From: 10:00 am to 11:30 am
@ the Northcote Natural Therapies

  • July _ 31st _ 2021 
  • August _ 28th _ 2021 
  • September _ 25th _ 2021 
  • October _ 30th _ 2021 
  • November_ 27th _ 2021 

    *Please note Dates might vary


  • January _ 30th _ 2021 
  • February _ 27th_ 2021
  • March _ 27th _ 2021 
  • April _ 24th _ 2021 
  • May _ 29th _ 2021 
  • June _ 26th _ 2021 


12:30 -1:30 pm $40 per session or buy a pack of 3 for $9

  • August_ 28th _ 2021
  • October_ 30th _ 2021


  • February _27th_ 2021
  • April_ 24th_ 2021
  • June _ 26th_ 2021