I say f##k it... Let's do therapy differently

Represent our emotions creatively

Connect on a deeper level

Cut through the bullsh#t

Shift out of the emotional gridlock

Invite curiosity and change

Inquire into our wellbeing

Expressing our own creativity with a supportive Arts Therapist is a wonderful way to clear your mind, decode your inner life and find new ways to enhance your mental and emotional wellbeing.

A session can consist of making a representation which connects you with your thoughtful brain in order for you to then connect with your emotions or vice versa. 

Individual Session Cost: $90, which includes art materials.

My couples work is distinctive to other services which provide relationships counselling.

I combine traditional Couples Therapy modalities with an Arts Therapy approaches which is rare. I am passionate about Arts Therapy and how we relate to ourselves and others.

When is the last time you serviced your emotional health and your relationship?

Tune up your relationships in a creative, compassionate and fun manner.

Let’s Bring in a creative way to inquire into ‘us’

Creative Couples Therapy Sessions cost: $150 an hour, which includes art materials.

Re-set and get in touch with your emotions within this creative, mindful, meditative inquiry and learn how to create your own mandala within an Arts Therapy sessions.

Learn to create your own mandala’s with a professional Arts Therapist whilst checking in with your own emotions and heal through creating your own mandala. 

Session cost individual $90

Also Workshop will be offered- stay tuned.

Develop your self-esteem and emotional regulation with a compassionate Arts Therapist and work towards your NDIS goals.

So why not your your NDIS funding and get individual Arts Therapy & Counselling.

That is if your plan is self managed or plan managed.

+ if you have funding in the therapeutic support category. 

I charge our sessions under the _ ‘Individual Counselling line item: 15_043_0128_1_3

Please note: My Practice does not have disability access or toilets, due to being an old building. ;(

Arts Therapy can help you..

Express yourself 98%
Improve self-esteem 86%
Improve your confidence 89%
Connect to your mind-body-emotions 88%

Start Today

Upcoming Workshops


Hosted by Naturopath Candace & myself.

Monthly_From: 10:30 to 12:00 PM

Up and coming dates: (Dates might vary)

  • November_ 28th, 2020 _ (Authenticate who you truly are)


  • March_28th, 2020 _(Empower the Goddess within) 
  • April_18th, 2020 _ (Nurture your true self) 
  • May_,23rd 2020 _ (Listening to your inner wisdoms) 
  • June_27th, 2020 _ (Protect your inner child)
  • July_25th, 2020 _ (Enabling self expression)
  • August_29th, 2020 _ ( Embody your inner Vixen
  • September_26th, 2020 _ (Vocalising your truth)
  • October_31st, 2020 _ (Embracing your essence)


Stay tune to new mandala’s classes in 2021

Learn to create your own therapeutic mandala


  • April_18th, 2020
    ‘Mandala class_to help regulate your emotions.’
  • June_27th, 2020
    ‘Sick of the emotional frustrations of dating_come vent and draw it out within a mandala.’
  • August_29th, 2020
    ‘Drink tea and draw’_A mindful & reflective mandala practice.’
  • October_31st, 2020
    ‘Conversations within a mandala_draw out your emotions.’