Let's Inquire into meaning making

I am a registered Arts Therapist, Counsellor & Couples Therapist. 

I have worked in the social sector for over 13 years. I am creative, calm, gentle, soft spoken, compassionate and curious. I tend to cut through the BullSh#t and tend to leave my ego at the door. I bring in curiosity rather than judgments and allow our creativity and our unconscious to speak up.

So, rather than always inquiring through words and our analytical frame of reference, I introduce other modalities as well into the mix in any one session.

I have extensive Arts Therapy and Counselling experience encompassing a range of issues including; depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual, physical and emotional abuse, neglect, eating disorders, relationship, and grief and loss counselling. I facilitated individual sessions, couples and workshops with a variety of clients with multi-complex trauma including children, adolescents and adults from different nationalities and varied socio-economics backgrounds.

Through my own experience of feeling different and being highly sensitive and artistic as a child, it has allowed me to continuously grow into myself as a nurturing, intuitive and compassionate therapist. 


  • Specialist Course in Couples Therapy- Relationships Australia, 2018
  • Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice- MIECAT Institute, 2014-2016
  • Graduate Certificate in Experiential & Creative Arts Practice- MIECAT Institute, 2014
  • Diploma of Professional Counselling- Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors, 2009-2010
  • Diploma of Transpersonal Arts Therapy-IKON Institute, 2003-2005
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting)- University of Maryland, USA, 1998-2000

Individual Arts Therapy & Counselling

Tap into your creative potential of the subconscious to solve the problems we all face in our modern stressful life. A session can consist of making a representation, which connects you with your thoughtful brain in order for you to then connect with your emotions or vice versa.

NDIS Individual Arts Therapy & Counselling

Registered Arts Therapist and Counsellor as well as an NDIS provider (Provider no: 405-0055-567. Individual Counselling (Therapeutic Support) 15_043_0128_1_3​

Creative Couples Therapy (Couples Therapy)

My couples work is distinctive to other services which provide relationships counselling. I combine traditional Couples therapy modalities with an Arts therapy approach which is rare. I am passionate about arts therapy and how we relate to ourselves and others. When is the last time you service your emotional health and relationships?

Mandala Arts Therapy

Re-set and get in touch with your emotions within this creative, mindful, meditative inquiry and learn how to create your own mandala within an arts therapy sessions.

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